COVID 19 – Please adhere to the ban on the use of club facilities

All club members and the public in general are reminded that the following Skryne GFC facilities are closed and should not be used under any circumstances until further notice

– The main pitch and the training pitch
– The all-weather pitches
– The gym
– The clubhouse or RST Centre
– any other area within the Skryne GFC grounds

Skryne GFC encourages all members and the people of Skryne to unite in the fight against the Covid-19 virus.In particular we ask our members and players to refrain from gathering in small groups for training or group activities anywhere and to abide by the HSE guidelines on social distancing. This is our big chance to slow down the spread of this pandemic and to protect the more vulnerable people in our society. By not practicing social distancing we are only prolonging the effects of this virus and putting lives in danger. We at Skryne GFC have a duty of care to all of our members, supporters and parishioners. See the following graphic which illustrates the benefits of social distancing.

We are all keen to return to normal and to be able to socialise and interact the way we did before this virus. We need your help to speed up this process. Practice social distancing!! This virus needs to be taken seriously if we have any chance of beating it!!!

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