Mike Denver and Jake Carter sparkle at Knightsbrook

For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to make it to Knightsbrook Hotel on Sunday evening, you missed a spectacular show from country supremo Mike Denver and rising star Jake Carter. The majority of the crowd who attended were seasoned fans of the main man Mike Denver while there was smattering of teenagers in the crowd who were vying for a glimpse of their hero Jake Carter.

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Jake Carter was first to take to the stage and he didn’t disappoint with a lively set that included his latest hits ‘The Little Things You Do’, ‘I Just Wanna Kiss You’, ‘Havin A Party’ and ‘Wild and Free’. Carter also treated the crowd to his own renditions of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’, Thin Lizzy’s ‘The Boys are Back in Town’ and a string of other familiar favorites. The girls in the audience weren’t disappointed as Carter strutted and swayed about the stage with consummate ease demonstrating why he captured the recent Dancing With the Stars title. Despite being the new kid on the block Jake Carter’s ability to draw the audience in and have them singing along with his melancholy tones will have won him many new fans in Trim on Sunday night.

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Mike Denver then took to the stage setting off at an electric pace, barely drawing breath as he cranked out hit after hit with ‘Morning Sun and Memories’, ‘Galway Girl’ and ‘My Oklahoma Home Blowed Away’. Denver threw in a pacy set of Beach Boys hits, before tipping his hat to the recently deceased country legend Big Tom, when he sang ‘Four Country Roads’ and ‘The Same Way You Came In’. The pace dropped slightly midway through the set when he sang the popular ballads ‘Boston Rose’ and ‘Hey God’, but it wasn’t long before he picked up the pace again with ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’ where his fiddle player who hails from Texas, displayed all his talent as he expertly hit all the right notes in the fiddle solo. Denver found time to welcome the youngest fan of the night up on stage, a boy named Lucas, who was celebrating his 8th birthday. His hero Mike Denver presented him with a big slice of Chocolate Cake topped with a candle while the appreciative crowd sang Happy Birthday to the proud little boy who will remember this moment for years to come. Denver continued where he left off with a relentless pace and further hit songs before adding the icing to the cake singing the fan favorite ‘Tommy K the DJ’ where he had the crowd out of their seats and dancing the Tommy K signature dance. Denver sent the fans off with a smile from ear to ear.


Both Mike Denver and Jake Carter must be commended for their clear appreciation of their fans as they both took time out to chat and pose for photos with fans before and after the concert, while also signing autographs.

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We look forward to seeing Mike Denver again later in the year as he performs at the annual Barn Dance at Kilmoon, run by our main Sponsor Michael and Agnes Fox. If you missed last Sunday night, make sure you don’t miss this gig on Saturday, 7th of July.

A special thanks to Mike Denver, Jake Carter and their bands for putting on such a great show and also to the organising Committee for their efforts to stage this event.

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