Skryne GFC goes Snap Crackle and POP thanks to Kellogg’s and receive a cheque for €25,000.00

In the history of the club yesterday had to be up there as one of the most memorable. With the year that we have had we were overwhelmed and shocked at the great news we had received. To raise money for a fund raiser takes months of hard works and volunteers dedication.
With Skryne hosting the Kellogg’s Cul Camps this year and thanks to Damien Sheridan who is our GPO who did fantastic work along with the Cul Camp Coaches as part of the Kellogg’s Cul Camps. There was a competition on the back of all Kellogg’s cereal boxes that we want to thank all those that nominated Skryne GFC.

So Yesterday we had planned to meet up with David Byrne from

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies

to receive a cheque of either €5k, €10k or €25k. We are not going to lie but the discussion was based around the €5k and how fantastic it would be, Nobody in the club knew what the cheque was for and when David kepth it hid and turned around the €25k we were truly shocked. This is a massive boost to the club and with all fundraisers put on hold due to the current situation it now really helps the club.

Again we owe a great depth of gratitude to Kellogg’s and David Byrne and all involved. We will have some more photos of the big reveal and again we want to thank everyone who voted for Skryne GFC and Swans will be stocking up on the Kellogg’s cereal as things certainly went Snap Crackle & POP yesterday.
Click on the link below !!!!!

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