Skryne Minors start with winning ways in the Div 2a LMFM league.

Skryne minors were the first ones to get the year going for the Boys Underage in the Div 2a LMFM League. Skryne played Kilbride at Father Mc Manus Park on Saturday the 1st with a throw in of 11.00am. Conditions were not the best with a swirling win and it slippy under foot. Kilbride came short some starting players and had a panel of 13 while Skryne were also missing some key starters but still managed to have 6 Subs. Martin Dawson was the man in the middle who got the game under way. Skryne were first to register a point and Kildare went on the attack immediately to register their first score. For the first 15 mns Kilbride had plenty of chances but with playing into a strong cross field win failed to register some scores. Skryne kept the cool and a long ball upto John Finnerty saw the ball put nicely to the back of the net. With 13aside there was plenty of space and Skryne kept the momentum going and a ball from Sean Mc Carthy to Reddy saw his shot hit the cross bar and he was unlucky not to get a goal. Kilbride was quick enough to react and launched their own attack and scored a point to leave it 1-2 to 0-2 in favour of Skryne. It was an evenly matched game and conditions didn’t help things as some players were losing the footing very easily. A well worked ball from Jack Swan to Billy Reilly saw the ball go up the wing to Swan and he registered his first score from Play. Kilbride keeper went wide with a kick out and Kilbride launched their own attack. A lovely pass to the corner forward saw the ball put past Luke O Brien and Kilbride tails were back up. Skryne lads kept there composure and some play from end to end saw the ball come to Swan for him to put it wide. Mark was working well and getting plenty of play. Skryne won the kick out with Daniel O Keane giving a ball to Swan. A lovely pass into Sean Mc Carthy who was moving at pace saw Mc Carthy brought down inside the box, Penalty!!!!! Oisin Keogh took the ball and sent the keeper the wrong way Skryne were ahead again. Kilbride went on to register two more scores one of which was a free. With the wind and conditions there was some fowling on both sides as they tried hard to judge the flight of the ball and the game was being played in good spirit. Skryne went onto register some more scores of their own and Swan was unlucky not to register a goal with the ball crashing off the upright. This time Reddy with his quick reaction put the ball over for a point. Keogh possibly got the score of the game with a beautiful point out 30 yards on the wing to really put Skryne minors in the driving seat. O Keane was unlucky not to register a goal before half time when he tried to palm the ball into the back of the net for the Kilbride keeper to pull off a good save. The half time whistle blew and Martin Dawson brought the first half to a call.

Skryne 2-05
Kilbride 1-04

Skryne had to play against the wind in the second half and this really didn’t bother them at all. Skryne’s defence certainly got ontop of Kilbride. With Scott Armstrong, Billy Reilly & Jack Swan not letting anything by them. John O Regan who played at half back was switched to midfield and Cillian Moss took up the half back line. Cillian reads the game well and has some fantastic pace. In the middle was John O Regan and John Finnerty. Both talented footballers who will run forever. Skryne won the through up as O Regan knocking it down to Finnerty. Finnerty gave it off and a perfect pass to Swan to register the first score. O Keane went onto register another score and the ball hit the cross bar and this time Keogh was quick enough to register Skryne’s next score. Kilbride tried everything to get ontop of things but with the ball being broke down by a really good Skryne defensive side. Skryne launched there next attack after registering three wides of there own. A perfect bal into the busy Reddy saw him lay it off to Finnerty who registered his second goal of the game with 11mins gone. Kilbride went up the field and the Kilbride player was fouled 50mtrs out from goal. Mc Carthy was unlucky and was the first player of 2020 to get a black card and under the new rules was heading for the sin bin. Skryne were down to 12 players. With some changes being made every year it gets confusing for spectators and referees at time. The man in the middle got the call spot on but this and the mark certainly needs to be reviewed specially at underage. Kilbride went on to register their first score of the second half with 13mins gone and this was down to the hard defence work of Skryne. Skryne started to empty their bench and ran on the players some of which are part of the U15’s. O Regan, & Finnerty went onto register two more points while Kilbride registered two of their own. Kian Reddy who played outstanding clashed with his own player accidently and was taken off. Hope you are ok Kian and wishing you a speedy recovery.

It was a great team performance as the management of Sean O Regan, Harry Rooney and Andy Mc Connell must have been happy with. Well done to the players and management.

Final Score:
Skryne 3-09
Kilbride 1-07

Team: Luke O Brien, Jack Swan, Scott Armstrong, Kian Reddy, Rian Mc Connell, Cillian Moss, Ciaran Quinn, Robert Gallagher, Billy Reilly, Scott Armstrong, Ben Armstrong, Sean Mc Carthy, Mark Swan, Oisin Keogh, John Finnerty, John O Regan, James Reeves, Paddy Wright, Cathal Lenihan, Alex Curran, James Mangan, Josh Grendon, Andrew Canavan.

About the Author: Cormac Grendon

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