Skryne U15s see off the challenge of the Towers

Skryne U15’s played Round Towers in the 3rd Round of the Championship at Father Mc Manus Park in Skryne. Up until the throw in weather conditions were ideal but then the rain came and did it pour down. Conditions were now far from ideal with the ball like a bar of soap. Both teams to there credit handled the conditions as well as they could. Skryne registered there first score with Josh Grendon splitting the posts. Some well taken score from Billy Smith and Robert Gallagher saw Skryne 1-03 up to 0-1. There was plenty of battles out Field with Andrew Canavan and Tom Lenihan moving well. Billy Smith made it tricky for the defenders also. This game was proably closer than the score predicted to be fair to Round Towers. Both sides had plenty of play out field and with weather conditions getting worse the man in the middle let the game flow well. Skrynes defence was really tight with Ben Armstrong, Kevin Cooney and Killian Manning keeping the Towers at bay. Score f the game from a free cam from Ciaran Fox who split the posts on the right of the field out about 20 yards. With his trusty right boot he gave a expedition in free taking. Skryne were winning the battle in midfield with Ciaran Quinn and Robert Gallagher playing well. With the referee calling the water breaks half way though the first half there was alot of positives for Skryne to take in. Round Towers were unlucky not to take some scores of there own only for James Reeves to be breaking down the play and making it akward for the Towers Forwards. Tom Lenihan and Charlie Swan registered some more scores and by the half time whistle Skryne had to keep the pressure on. The second half started like that of the first and Grendon slotted over another point. Darragh O Dowd in defence really made his presence felt as he worked tirelessly. Skryne played the best gaelic as they supported each other and the work rate was fantastic. Jack O Regan pulled off a fantatic save in the second half and his kick outs were on point. Stephen Corry & Zach Lamar went on the attack at every opportunity. All 20 players got involved as Ben Mooney scored a screamer of a goal and Connor Mc Manus / Kevin Cooney / Conor Mc Manus and Luke Hanley played really well. It was a fantastic game to watch in atrocious conditions. Skryne are now second in the group and have to play Summerhill away. Well done to the Management. Players and not forgetting the supporters who stayed out in the wet weather.


About the Author: Cormac Grendon

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