Skryne U15’s Div 8 mixed fortunes against Dunboyne

It was a fantastic win for the U15’s Div 1 side and the Div 8 panel made up of younger players were due to play straight away. For 8 of the younger players it was a case of making a dash for another game immediately. People talk about player well fair and this was unfair to ask the players to play another 60 minutes of gaelic. Skryne had tried to get the game moved to a different date or later time but to no avail. There is too many for one team and really tight for two and all that Skryne is looking to do is to get as many players play Gaelic football. But as they say the show must go on and that it did. Skryne started once again the brighter of the two. The lads played really well but tired legs and tired bodies was starting to show on those that had played previously. Dunboyne with plenty of numbers had no players playing the previous game and you could tell as they went on the attack. Skryne tried as hard as they could and gave it everything. Dunboyne had taken a well earned lead when the half time whistle sounded.

The second half started brightly for Skryne as they registered some scores of their own. The cross wind didnt help both sides as they played on the pitch down the road from the club house. The pitch to Dunboynes credit was in perfect condition and with the amount of rain that fell it certainly was well drained. Dunboyne registered some scores of their own and kept and Skryne returned the favours. Skryne’s second half was much more impressive and balanced as both sides registered 3-04 apiece. The final whistle blew and gone from some players celebrating there early win they were left to ponder on there loss.

Afterwards the Skryne management complemented the lads on there efforts. Also mentioned that playing a game before hand was tough while it was also good to get other players out on a perfect morning for Gaelic football.

Hard luck lads and as they say keep on motoring.

Skryne Panel & Management,

Kevin Cooney, Killian Manning, Kieron fox, Robert Gallagher, Stephen Corry, Darragh O Dowd, Zach Lamar, Josh Grendon, James Reeves, Cian Mc Carthy, Conor Mc Manus, Charlie Swan, Matthew Ryan, Billy Smith, Ben Mooney, Tom Lenihan, Ciaran Quinn,

Management : Johnny Quinn, Nigel fox, Sean O Regan, Andy Mc Connell.

#anscrinabu #hardlucklads #greateffort

About the Author: Cormac Grendon

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