Skryne vrs Gaeil Colmcilles U13s was as entertaining as it gets !!!

Skryne U13’s made the journey with the help of the parents to Grangegodden in Kells knowing they were in a semi final. The only thing to b decided was who to was have the home advantage. Grangegodden has three fantastic level playing pitches and is also open to the elements and especially that of a north wind. Weather was cool with a northerly breeze. Skryne warmed up on their first pitch on the left as the wind came across the field and there was a scramble by parents to get jackets and bobble hats. The U13’s went to the next pitch just as one game finished another was about to get underway. Gaeil Colmcilles won the toss and went with the wind in the first half. The fist half was played at a whirl wind pace and with two Senior Clubs this already had the hall markings of a very good game. Skryne’s work ethic was fantastic in the first half and the calls from the sideline management to work the ball in really helped as any shot for a point left the ball hanging. Gaeil Colmcilles struggled to use the wind with their advantage as a long ball was just slightly over cooked or with the wind the ball was going left or right of the target. This was also to be Skryne’s acciles heal in the second half. With having taken over 700 photos it was obvious that this game was plenty of action  (this whittled down to 350 sorry). Both teams threw themselves at the ball and the man in the middle (The Referee) really allowed the game to flow.  It wasn’t a case of what both teams done when they had the ball but the work rate and blocking when they hadn’t got it. Turn over’s was a plenty and the discipline of both teams was a credit to them. Skryne’s defence was strong and the Gaeils really had to work for every score in the first half as the Tara young guns got off to a perfect start. Skryne movement in the first half and work rate was a five star performance that worked for the Goalie right up to the forward line. On the attack Skryne had multiple options. To be fair to the Gaeils they never gave in and for the first 15mins before the half time water break it was a close game. After the water break of the first half Skryne really went on the attack. Some fantastic high fielding of the forward line and layoffs saw Skryne score some well worked goals. Add to this some great point taking from the left and right saw the Tara kids in the driving seat. The referee blew the half time whistle and Skryne were really in the driving seat but it was obvious that although Gaeil Colmcille was behind by 10 points at half time they didn’t panic.


Gaeil Colmcillle came out in the second half with a whirl wind start and really laid down and intent that they weren’t going home without giving it a real go and that they did. Skryne were now struggling with the north wind that didn’t give up either. The long ball into the forward line was hard to judge and for every ball that went over the end line the Gaeil’s went onto add there own scores and were now reeling in the score. With the first 15 mins Skryne were in the eye of a storm and the defensive line really stood firm. The midfielders were made to work hard as the forward line was made to work that bit harder. Skryne had plenty of subs and just short of a second U13s teams which is fantastic. Every player got game time and really played well. The Gaeil’s reduced their 10 point deficit to three points and when a long range ball went into the Skryne forward line for it to nestle in the back of the net brought relief to the Skryne management, players and specially the supporters. Skryne had weather the storm and regained control for the final 10 mins. Both sides scored some fantastic points and it really is hard to single out who played really well as every player on both sides gave it their all. If there was to be a charge into the game you would have no objections to paying in as this was as entertaining as it gets. The few parents that was there due to the Covid restrictions were really entertained and as the shouts of encouragement came from the sideline and as a player went down injured and the Mammy’s were encouraging their sons to get up and continue on this was certainly a game of who games should be played. When the referee blew the final whistle Skryne had won the game by four points. Skryne and Gaeil Colmcille U13s players and management went to the middle of the pitch and rather than the traditional hand shake there was a rapture of applause by the Players, Management and Parents even the referee joined in. Skryne left Grangegodden knowing they had a home semi final against none other than Gaeil Colmcilles to be played at Father Mc Manus park with a date and time to be confirmed. If this game was anything to go by the Semi Final will be a mouth watering entertaining game. Well done to the U13’s players and management and the best of luck in the Semi Final and enjoy the photos.


Final Score

Gaeil Colmcille 6-04

Skryne 6-08


The panel of players in no particular order is as follows

Daire Govern, Gareth Fox, Luke Hanly, Max Corry, Conor Reuter, Conor Giles, Harris Conor, Jack Shorten, Martin Wall, Sean Smyth, Garbhan Mulvaney, Liam Fay, Freddy Geraghty, Johnny Swan, Ben Ward, DJ O’ Reilly, James Murphy, Cormac Pentony, Morgan Cullen, Conor Canavan. Lucas Walsh, Nathaniel Cooney, James Donnelly, Philip O’ Brian.

Management: Brian Smyth, Trevor Giles, Johnny Geraghty, Liam Hanly.

Remember these names and that of the underage as Skryne’s future is in safe hands. Well done all on a fantastic game !!!!!

About the Author: Cormac Grendon

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